Implemented projects Social campaign

Social campaign "I do not give, I do not take"

Through the implementation of the project "Social Campaign: I do not give - I do not take!", Centre for Analysis and Prevention of Corruption (CAPC), Center for Combating Economic Crimes and Corruption of the Republic of Moldova (CCECC) and Publika TV (broadcasting channel) will organise a series of TV programmes (10 programmes), during which will be discussed such topics as current problems which society have to deal with, that shall contribute to the improvement of the level of information of the population, on raising awareness against the tolerance of such phenomenon as corruption and as a result will lead to the respect for human rights. 

The overall goal of the campaign is to link Moldavian citizen with their governmental institutions by increasing citizen trust, transparency and openness of the decision making process. The increased social trust and government transparency will ultimately contribute to the decrease of corruption level in the country to the extent that the infringement of the human rights and freedoms are minimal or non-existent. Providing the endemic character of corruption problem, the only way forwards to bringing citizen closer to their government is to fight corruption by both decreasing outside and inside pressure.

The objective is to mobilize individual citizens and civil society actors to effectively address corruption, monitor, advocate, and evaluate government’s efforts thus building a bridge between and mutual trust between citizens and their state institutions.

The Social Campaign: I do not give - I do nor take! is financial supported by The Balkan Trust for Democracy.