Implemented projects Corruption proofing - stage 1

Corruption expertise - stage 1

The project „Decreasing of the corruption level through civil society implication in the legislative creation process” (Corruption proofing – stage 1) was implemented in the period of March 2006 – October 2006 with the financial support of the Eurasia Foundation through financial resources given by USAID.

The Project Mission was to decrease the corruption level through the involvement of the civil society in the legislative drafting process and creation of the preconditions necessary to set up an institution (representative of the civil society) to monitor on a permanent basis the legislative drafting process, for the purpose of excluding the legal provisions favouring corruption.

The Project started with the following preparatory activities:

  • Project logistics;
  • determination and approval of the fields of corruption proofing expert review and criteria for selecting the draft legislative acts put forward for the expertise process;
  • drawing up and approval of the Instruction, setting the institutional and organizational framework for proceeding with the corruption proofing expert review process;
  • drawing up and approval of the Methodology to allow proper identification of the elements of corruptibility in the draft legal acts;
  • selecting and training the experts in corruption proofing expert review.

After the described preparatory activities, the direct corruption proofing expert review of the draft legislation was launched. 79 draft legal acts were subjected to corruption proofing expert review (see the expert review reports no. 001-079).