Implemented projects Corruption proofing - stage 4

Corruption proofing - stage 4

"Corruption Proofing" is implemented by the Centre for the Analysis and Prevention of Corruption (CAPC) within the framework of "Corruption Proofing of Draft Legislative Acts – Phase IV" project supported by the Civil Rights Defenders and Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA).

The Project “Corruption Proofing of Draft Legislative Acts – Phase IV” is envisaged to last throughout the period of July 2009 – December 2009 (hereinafter referred to as „Project” Proofing – stage 3”) is a follow-up to the „Corruption Proofing of the Draft Legislative Acts and Dissemination of Best Practices”, implemented in the period April 2008 – December 2008.

Project Overall Objective: Prevent corruption to spread in Moldova through passing of defective laws, increase transparency and accountability of the legislator towards voters, empower the legal community and civil society to exercise public control over the legislative process, and enhance the access of the people to diverse and balanced information about the stakes of the emerging legislation.

The Project financed by Civil Rights Defenders and Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency.

Project Objective:

  • reveal the capacity of legal provisions to generate or favour acts of corruption and recommendations for removing these risks from the draft laws or for reducing their impact - taken into account by the legislator;
  • set up public oversight of the legislative activism of the parliamentary members;
  • raise the capacity of the legal community and civil society to engage more professionally in debates with the public authorities promoting draft laws;
  • ensure dissemination of balanced information about corruption and discrimination risks of the upcoming legislation.

Project objectives will be achieved by conducting the following activities:

I. Corruption proofing expert opinionsCAPC will continue corruption proofing of draft legislative acts registered in the Parliament and of draft regulatory acts on express request of certain authorities, with subsequent submission of survey reports to Parliament and the requesting authorities.

II. Designing an on-line database for the monitoring of the legislative activism of each member of the Parliament - Substantiated data included in articles and other references regarding the activity of politicians / political parties represented in Parliament, through journalists’ and other stakeholders’ using the information from the CAPC database on legislative activism of deputies

III. Corruption proofing forumInterested members of the legal community and civil society informed about the risks of the upcoming legislation, engaged in public discussions about them on the Corruption Proofing Forum and better prepared to approach the subject in further discussions with public authorities in charge.

IV. Information of the public about emerging laws – Public empowered to face the new legislative changes and/or having enough time to protest against the promotion of laws unfavourable to its interests, as well as public aware of the quality of the laws promoted by elected political parties.