Implemented projects Transparency of justice

Transparency of justice

The project “Transparency of Justice and Increasing Judges’ Responsibility" was an initiative of the Centre for Analysis and Prevention of Corruption, with the financial support of the Soros Foundation Moldova, through the Law Programme. This project was launched in October 2004 and continued until April 2005.

As a pilot project in the Republic of Moldova, it carries out the monitoring of the justice system, through verification of observance of the public trial principle, promoting the transparency of courts. In other words, the project tested the ability of the Moldovan justice to open the doors of the courtroom for regular citizens willing to attend a trial.

The project was a novelty in ensuring the transparency of justice administration and had the following

Immediate objectives:

  • establishment of an efficient mechanism of monitoring the process of administration of justice in terms of transparency of the justice administration and the responsibility of judges;
  • participation of the legal community, civil society, mass-media in the monitoring process, by providing them with the opportunity to comment on the honesty, professionalism, the degree of transparency of justice administration and the responsibility of judges for decisions made.

Long-term objectives:

  • persuading judges to enhance the quality of justice administration and to assume responsibility for decisions made;
  • diminishing the corruption phenomenon in the justice system;
  • raising the awareness and persuading the legislator about the need to interpret when a trial is declared closed and about the need to design a mechanism for judges’ accountability for decisions made.