Implemented projects Transparency of justice Monitoring results

Monitoring results

The project "Transparency of Justice and Increasing Judges’ Responsibility", established the first monitoring of the justice system in the Republic of Moldova, which helped to review the observance of the public trial principle, promoting in an innovative way the application of this principle, and namely by publishing:

  • information about the access to the monitored trials, granted by the courts to the public (observance of the public trial principle)
  • the content of the monitored trials (on-line trials).

Observance of public trial principle integrates the monthly information regarding the access granted by judges to people willing to attend a trial.

On-line trials offer the visitors of the site the unique chance to „attend” a trial carried out in Moldovan courts during the implementation of the project. After each on-line trial, the visitors of the site have the possibility to express their opinion and to see the opinion of other people with respect to the way the trial is carried out, the quality of justice administration etc. The final monitoring results can be found in the Study by the CAPC.