Anti-corruption partnership consultant


Public Association „Center for the Analysis and Prevention of Corruption”

  1. Context and background

Over the years, several anti-corruption and integrity strengthening programs and projects have been implemented in the Republic of Moldova with the support of development partners. Here we could note: the „Currbing corruption by strengthening integrity in the Republic of Moldova” project, implemented by UNDP Moldova with the financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway; „Cutting edge improvements in the public procurement system in Moldova through inclusiveness, creativity and law-abiding practices” Project, financed by the EU; EU4Moldova Programme: Key Regions, funded by the EU and implemented by UNDP and UNICEF, and ”Strengthening the Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption Mechanisms in the Republic of Moldova” Project implemented by GIZ Moldova with BMZ and EU funding, etc.

In order to increase the coordination of anti-corruption projects, to ensure the continuity of projects implemented in the Republic of Moldova, to raise the level of expertise, donors and development partners from the Republic of Moldova agreed to establish and pilot an anti-corruption partnership at the national level. This initiative comes to develop and promote the partnership of the U4 Anti-corruption Resource Center (U4), which through its anti-corruption experts, publications and assistance provided, helps to raise the anti-corruption capacities of partners to achieve sustainable results through effective anti-corruption efforts.

To carry out this PILOT activity in the Republic of Moldova, an Anti-corruption partnership consultant is needed, who will work within the project „Institutional development and capacity strengthening strategy of CAPC for 2022 – 2025”, financed by The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida).

  1. Scope of work

The purpose of the Anti-corruption partnership consultant is to coordinate this PILOT initiative, to promote this anti-corruption partnership and to provide specialized consultancy on anti-corruption topics to donors, the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, the U4 Anti-corruption Resource Center. These activities will take into account and will be connected to the measures envisaged by the Government as a result of granting the Republic of Moldova the status of a candidate for accession to the European Union.

  1. Terms and conditions of collaboration

The selected person will provide services based on a service contract concluded with the Public Association „Center for the Analysis and Prevention of Corruption”. The total number of days for this mission is 180 days, starting with September 15, 2022 until December 31, 2023.

  1. Responsibility

The anti-corruption partnership consultant will have the following responsibilities, divided into distinct Work areas:

Work area 1: Country role coordinator

  • Assess and respond to opportunities to move Pilot forward
  • Plan and help organize capacity building
  • Communicate progress to U4 partners in the country
  • Organizing, convening and facilitating coordination meetings
  • Help coordinate political dialogue
  • Help emphasize flexible approaches
  • Writing/ coordinate publication of practical insights and learning from Pilot

Work area 2: Sectoral coordinator

  • Design and develop sectoral anti-corruption initiatives
  • Support integration of anti-corruption within the sector
  • Assess and respond to opportunities to move Pilot forward
  • Plan and help organize capacity building
  • Identify key sectoral stakeholder groups

Work area 3: SIDA HQ/ focal point

  • Provide strategic advice at critical points
  • Provide additional capacity to local level when missing
  • Work with local/sectoral coordinator to plan capacity building
  • Hold regular dialogues with local/sectoral coordinator to ensure Pilot is on track
  • Provide additional capacity for in-country level if missing
  • Develop capacity building modules on coordination/political dialogue, adaptive approaches
  • Support U4 in the development of other capacity building materials
  • Develop strategic learning framework

Work area 4: U4 advisers

  • Provide strategic advice and research inputs
  • Develop capacity building modules on understanding and sectoral integration
  • Support Sida in the development of other capacity building materials
  • Provide strategic advice at critical points
  • Communicate outcomes to U4 partnership
  • Explore how other U4 resources can be integrated into Partnership
  • Develop strategic learning framework

Work area 5: Participants of broader in-country Pilot group

  • Actively participate in trainings, dialogues, etc
  • Help with planning and organizing
  • Support strategic learning by being part of or conducting interviews

Note! This is a general framework for carrying out the activities that may appear, but the number of days will be dedicated to one or another activity  is not priorly established and may vary.

  1. Key deliverables and tentative timetable

Key deliverables

Tentative timetable

  1. Proposed workplan for delivrables under work areas 1-4

1st of October 2022

  1. Quarterly Report on work areas 1-5 activities and results


 Note: Deliverables and the activity timeline can be amended or further specified for the purpose of the assignment.

  1. Qualifications and skills required


●      Master’s Degree (or equivalent) in Public Administration, Public Law, Economics, Public Finances or other relevant fields.


●      At least three years of professional working experience

●      Previous work on governance or economic policy issues in Moldova and an in-depth understanding of the Moldovan political and economic environment.

●      Proven  professional experience related to justice sector and anti-corruption

●      Proven work/research experience in project or program management in a development context, within an international non-governmental organization, international financial institution, donor organization or company.


●      Knowledge of formal and informal processes of policy development, adoption and implementation and/or familiarity with reform programs.

Language Requirements

●      Fluency in both oral and written English and Romanian


●      Excellent analytical and presentation skills;

●      High level of responsibility and organization capacities;

●      Self-driven and initiative personality;

●      High level of digital skills and ICT literacy;

●      Good interpersonal skills

  1. The content and deadline for submitting the application

The application must be dated and signed and sent via email to and by September 14, 2022 at 23:59 p.m. Late offers will be rejected.

The complete file will include:

  1. CV
  2. Motivation letter
  3. Financial offer